3 thoughts on “89 Provan Tiger GT – Astro”

  1. HI,
    Provan Owner

    wondering if you have time to talk about your clean rig .I’m looking to down size ,since my kids are grown and divorced and looking at different option’s in mini type rv’s the tiger gt or xl look like they would fit the bill , I also have been looking at old 4×4 sunrader’s , but 4×4 option’s are slim and also v6 option’s are even slimmer . waht do you think about your Tiger GT and are you going to sell in the future while your kids get bigger.
    Love to here from you …
    Micheal 60 yrs young

    1. Hi Michael, I love the tiger and highly recommend one (especially if you can get it in decent condition). The only addition I’d look for would be all wheel drive. It’s not like I need it regularly, but I think the Tiger would be great to take on an overnight ski trip. We don’t plan on selling right now, but you never know down the road. Like you say, these kids grow fast.

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